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Welcome to - your personal souvenir for your golfing trip to Ireland.

It is now five years since CaddyIreland was setup by brothers Mark and Andrew Kingston. Since 2000 the website has grown to become a key resource for prospective golfers travelling to Ireland. More importantly however the site serves as a personal reminder for every golfer fortunate enough to have been in the company of either Mark or Andrew during their visit to Old Head Golf Links. Equipped with digital cameras while caddying, they have captured many wonderful memories for people from all over the world. These spectacular moments can be seen in the Photo Diary section of the website. As well as being able to save and share the mini photos on the site, of course full-size prints are also available to buy.

Through the caddying experience gained at Old Head, both Mark and Andrew have at separate times taken their skills to the United States. During the summer of 2001 Mark worked at the exclusive Hyannisport Club in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. While there, Mark was able to promote the website and subsequently provide Andrew with many extra requests to caddy. For the summer of 2002 Mark was again back with Andrew at Old Head. This proved to be a very busy season with many bookings and a very high volume of photo sales.

Although the website had been a great success, Mark decided it was time to move on. He chose to pursue a career in the Life and Pensions industry while Andrew took the opportunity to spend the summer months of 2003 at Friar's Head, a new Ben Crenshaw designed private golf course on Long Island, New York. Andrew again continued to build up his network of contacts and enjoyed a very successful time in New York. He even had the pleasure of caddying for Alan Greenspan and Mayor Michael Bloomberg.


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